December 2008

Okay, just got elected to the National Board of Directors representing our district. District Director for short. Many, many thanks to those who supported me, all campaign promises will be kept. I hope. Thought this column would describe more about the board position and the responsibilities. Both very important. 

American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)

he league has divided the country into 25 different districts instead of 50 states. Each district has one representative to the ACBL Board of Representatives, hence, we have 25 “District Directors.” Each district is guided locally, and also represented on a national level, by the District Director.  In the past year we have had a dramatic change in the command with the resignation of Jim Kirkham, the passing of Gayle Andrews, the midwest relocation of Corinne Kirkham, and the district election that ended October 1 with me. 

District 22

n addition to the Director, each district is managed internally by a board of directors and its president, who are elected by their individual “areas.” (Bill Grant likens the District Director and the District President  to a senator and a governor.) Out here in the west, three league districts - D17, D21, D22 - are also long-time members of the popular Western Conference of the ACBL which publishes this newspaper and presents our three annual Great Western STAC tournaments. Very few districts in ACBL are so fortunate. 
Traveling down the chain of command, each district is made up of units (we have 25 different units in D22) each of which are governed locally by a unit president and a unit board. These 25 unit boards collectively elected me as your District Director - at least a majority did. 

League, Conference, District, Unit

onfusing? I hope not. Just keep in mind you have local boards to watch over your unit, district boards to make district policy, and a District Director to represent all on a local and national level. Consider the Western Conference as the watch dog of the west, and Big Brother ACBL lives in Memphis. I will be in Boston this month for the Fall NABC meetings with Corinne and will report the league actions in a Forum January column. 

Web Sites

ost of the actions of the league's different  governing organizations can be seen on their individual websites:,,, and on your local unit websites. I am establishing the District 22 Director website at to keep our members informed of the national, as well as D22, happenings. I also highly recommend the Western Conference site which covers bridge (and STACs) out west. 

Passing the Gavel
To see a lot of these management people in action please join us at the Palm Springs Regional December 15-21. On hand will be ACBL leaders from all levels. The 2008 ACBL President, Dan Morse of Houston, will be ceremoniously “passing the gavel” to incoming 2009 President Jerry Fleming of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Several other past presidents of the league will be on hand for the ceremony including Cecil Cook, Bruce Reeve and Jim Kirkham. The Western Conference, with president Jerry Fleming presiding, will hold their annual board meeting during the week and all six delegates from the member districts will be there, including three new ones. Corinne Kirkham, our relocated 2008 District Director will come in to hand her duties over to me, and, of course, the eight members (and the District Director) of the District 22 Board of Directors will be meeting with president Warren Cederborg presiding.