The ACBL of Horn Lake, Miss.

By Ken Monzingo

The management staff of the ACBL – 60-70 of 'em – have rlocated in their new building home at 6575 Windchase Blvd. in Horn Lake, Mississippi,* and the brand spanking new digs of our 75-year-old association. Yes, it's finally come to pass.
I say new building, but it is not exactly new. It's probably approaching four years old now, but had never been occupied; we are the first and only! The 30,000 sq. ft. structure (located in an open, isolated surroundings near a hospital) was originally planned as a medical building; but then you know what happened in real estate a short time ago!
So how far a trek is management's exodus to Horn Lake? Well, it is exactly 11.4 miles from our former home in Memphis, via MapQuest, of near straight road (Interstate 55) through the two cities! Actually, Horn Lake, Mississippi, and Memphis, Tennessee are joined at the hip with an invisible state line somewhere south of the middle; both are one metropolitan area on the banks of the famous river. It's difficult to tell when you leave one state/city and enter the other, sorta like Orange & Los Angeles Counties in California, and many other adjoined cities, counties and states.
Welcome home to Horn Lake.

*Horn Lake takes its name from an ox-bow lake, lying three miles west, which was a former riverbed of the Mississippi River. The river changed course in the late 18th century leaving a stranded body of water resembling a cow horn. It became known as Horn Lake.
The area passed through successive Spanish and English rule, finally coming under American governance after the Revolutionary War. In 1832, the Chickasaw Indians relinquished all claims to land east of the Mississippi River by the terms of the Treaty of Pontotoc. The first Horn Lake Post Office opened in 1852.