Ken Monzingo for BOG Chairman

March 5, 2019

This is my declaration of candidacy for 2020-2021 Board of Governors (BOG) Chairman. My purpose for running is the opportunity to establish a more structured communication atmosphere between the BOG and the ACBL of Directors (BOD) – and amongst ourselves. I'm seeking a firmer, but still cooperative, voice than we have traditionally inherited. Efforts will also be devoted to uniting us BOG members in better defining our BOD concerns.
My career in communication and years spent in the BOD meetings – chairing most major board committees and serving as ACBL President – has me prepared to understand and accomplish these goals. If you entrust me, our voices will be better heard.

I'm dedicated to these objectives and I hope you'll accept me with your vote. My background information is included, but my experiences and qualifications are also available at www.kenmonzingo.com

Questions or Suggestions?

Ken Monzingo
home: 619 220-0209
cell: 619 787-8708

Thank You,

Ken Monzingo
District 22